Investment Strategy

NEC invests in diversified portfolios of clean infrastructure, power generation, and energy assets with a focus on small to mid-size projects and companies with total capital requirements of $20-$200 million.

NEC employs its transactional experience, professional skills, and network of industry and government contacts to assist developers with complex transactions that must integrate a range of regulatory, environmental, financial, technical, legal and project management expertise. Mitigating project risk is a core focus of the NEC strategy. Portfolio projects will incorporate only commercially proven technologies and will employ active measures to mitigate project risks through contracted sales of energy and products, secure sources of feedstock, and strategies to minimize the impact of commodity volatility.

NEC believes the market for sustainable infrastructure assets is in the early stages of a prolonged expansion. The fundamental drivers of the investment opportunity include:

  • Required replacement of aging infrastructure
  • Significant cost decreases in clean generation, water, and waste technologies
  • Regulatory mandates
  • Growing public support for renewable energy
  • Risk mitigation and diversification by utilities and other public companies
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